Radio Casbah is the dynamic music and discussion portal where music fans and independent thinkers can find a broad range of local and unsigned bands, music reviews, philosophy, art, and analysis.  It is fueled by knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic DJs, hosts, and contributors can post their shows and contribute local music, logic, and ideas through a platform everyone can easily access and take part in.  It is a venue designed to reach a much wider and engaged audience. Whether it is local music, art, creativity, philosophy, scholarship, or anything outside of the mainstream, they are all given space and the respect they deserve. This is your community on the web where you can interact with other listeners, thinkers, bands, and DJs, and perhaps, become a contributor yourself and help us create a better world.

Radio Casbah is the brainchild of Michael “RadioMike” Perazzetti who has sixteen years of previous Internet Radio experience as founder, Executive Director, and primary host of Fevered Brain Radio and the Fevered Brain of RadioMike. During that time, he scouted the world for some of the best local and unsigned musical acts and introduced them to his international audience. In its current incarnation, Radio Casbah is now the local and global network portal where music nerds and independent thinkers can find a broad range of dynamic music, talk, and ideas.

During the life of Fevered Brain Radio/The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, he created what has evolved into an internationally recognized Internet radio presence. As the head of Radio Casbah, he is currently building a new team of creative contributors to bring his vision of promoting DJ’s, hosts, ideas, writing, and unsigned artists and bands to an audience hungry for music and analysis that’s, unique, and hard to find. Now his interests have matured and he has expanded his reach to one where the website is more inclusive of a wider variety of music, ideas, and thought. This is the continuing evolution of his original idea. If you are interested in contributing music, writing, or ideas, please contact us to discuss your vision.