The Fevered Brain is the brainchild of Michael “RadioMike” Perazzetti, who has over 20 years of Internet Radio experience as founder and primary host of The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, an eclectic show with a mix of genres, local, unsigned, and independent artists. This is a continuation of that original musical idea.

In the past and the present he has been known to play folk, country, rap/hip-hop, punk, classical, power pop and everything in between.  At this point, he’s making an effort to include eclectic and original hardcore into the mix to keep his mixed musical explorations on some sort of cutting edge (in his mind if nowhere else….). Once upon a time, he even segued from Carl Perkins into Public Enemy. Yes, his musical tastes are that eclectic, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as he does.

RadioMike Interviews began when Michael Perazzetti moved from New York City to Austin, Texas and decided to expand the programming of his original idea and recruit more hosts,  His interviews included everyone from the locally to nationally known artists as well as writers.  This incarnation of the show he hopes to include the same eclectic roster as well as fine artists, activists, academics and researchers, and feminists. If you have any suggestions for interview topics or subjects, please let us know.