Leaf Newman’s Flowers and Grass

Leaf Newman
Flowers and Grass
Self-Released, 2016

When I first moved to Atlanta from Asheville I somehow managed to find a Facebook listing for a show in a small club featuring Newman. It’s still one of the most memorable intimate shows I have attended in Atlanta.  She’s still recording and just released Flowers and Grass.  As a creative, I never like boxing other creative when doing so is narrow-minded and limiting.  For those that care about such things, Flowers and Grass is all over the place.

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The Cocker Spaniels Live At Noni’s Bar And Deli in Atlanta

The Cocker Spaniels
Live at Noni’s Bar and Deli
13 November 2010

Sean Padilla, AKA The Cocker Spaniels, is a musical powerhouse, causing comparisons to Raymond Scott who finally eschewed band members when they couldn’t satisfy Scott’s heightened sense of spontaneity and musical perfectionism.  Padilla declares on his web site that he will take on a live band when he finds one worthy of his expectations.  Once that happens, the dynamic of his live performances will certainly change.  But a band won’t change the endless supply of energy that he brings.  In some ways, the size of the audience doesn’t matter because Padilla gives everything to each performance, to every composition.  Sean Padilla is an optimist.

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