Michael Perazzetti is the Executive Producer of Radio Casbah and the host of The Fevered Brain.  He has steered the website from two previous incarnations.  The first, begun in 2001, The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, was an attempt to promote the wonders of Antifolk from his bedroom studio in Brooklyn and the home of Antifolk, the Sidewalk Cafe in New York City.  That effort quickly expanded into other genres and artists in New York City and beyond.  Moving to Austin in 2004, the website transitioned into Fevered Brain Radio and added several hosts and interns, interviews, and reviews.  Before leaving Austin for Georgia, Fevered Brain Radio became Radio Casbah to reflect changes in the site design and the way the shows presented.  During that time, he has guided interns and staff, and  created what evolved into an internationally recognized Internet radio presence.

Perazzetti placed the site and the shows on hiatus from 2012 to 2016 to pursue a graduate education, and though he is still studying for those degrees, he felt it was time to revive the site after his move to Columbus, GA to a new music.  In 2023, he is also eager to merge his varying interests in communications, psychology, education, and his continued pursuit of great music and hosts to help him in expanding his vision. He is currently building a new team to bring his vision of promoting a diversity of DJ’s, hosts, unsigned artists, and a variety of non-musical programming to an audience hungry for hard-to-find music and independent thought.