Radio Casbah is always recruiting hosts, interns*, and other creative contributors wherever you are**. If you are passionate about philosophical inquiry, feminism, community development, local music, and/or creative writing, want to create music mixes, write or use social media to promote your ideas and/or local bands you are passionate about, I’d love to talk with you to discuss your vision.

Radio Casbah can offer you a platform to extend your reach beyond your current local audience. We have set up a platform for knowledgeable hosts, DJ’s, and writers to post their shows and ideas and reach a much wider and engaged audience. We are NOT the next Pandora or Spotify We truly value people who produce original programming and writing, and we want to help you find a larger audience to build your reputation. While we have no funding, we are open to ideas that would eventually generate a small salary for you and the station.

You will be able to:

  • Create your own podcasts to discuss your ideas and/or feature your favorite local music.
    • Feature your ideas that showcase your knowledge and opinions.
    • Links to social media as well as an RSS feed of your content.

Please contact us directly to learn more.


*Please let us know what your internship requirements and goals may be and we will create a program that meets the requirements of your major.
**You can be local to Georgia or elsewhere in the world and virtually-based.