The Lutras “Give It All Up for Christmas”

I seem to be lucky with the Christmas music this year, and that makes me just a little rebelliously happy when I turn the stereo up to maximum as I write and make attempts at dancing alone at a desk. It’s probably also really hard to screw up a Scots indie rock anthem over the holidays, and the Lutras are here, they don’t disappoint, and neither do their other tracks. Read More

Fevered Brain Podcast #1

Sitting here on the bench, waiting for the train to take me to work, I realize that I finally finished the first show podcast in many years. The way my brain works, I have been also contemplating and processing ideas for new shows and the impending and looming master’s thesis that I need to start and finish to graduate. Life is busy, it needs to be busier in a few areas of my life, but it is good for the moment.

Since it has been almost six years of quiet and silence, new shows and their accompanying missives will necessarily evolve. This first show is approximately 45 minutes with an introduction and then we’re off and blazing...

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Photos and Video from the Last Grad School Residential Conference

I am very late in posting these but it’s been a hectic and eventful year.  The photos are from the trip down, along the beautiful Highway 1 in Monterey, California.  More than a few decades ago, I took two other trips down Highway 1 from Monterey to San Diego, a much longer trip that lasted almost a whole day.  I never photographed that trip but I remember everything distinctly. The caricatures and other photos are from my introduction of podcasting to that same group as well as my short presentation to the student council.

The video is an excerpt.  I have a new DSLR camera that takes photos and shoots video.  However, I foolishly assumed that in 2017, onboard microphones would have improved a whole lot...

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The Columbus, GA Community Arts and Music Collective: Preparations for the Long Haul


In previous papers, the creation and planning of the Columbus, GA Arts and Music community initiative has been explored in depth.  In this paper, the long-term existence of this project will be explored through the following areas:  sustainability, maintaining gains achieved, approaches to support well-being, and acknowledging and celebrating gains and victories.  While this initiative is still a hopeful dream in the vivid writings of the author, the dreams are practical and sustainable as the direction of former papers has indicated.  This paper will be no different.  To succeed at such an initiative as this will require more than the work of one or two individuals. And while someone may be necessarily needed to direct its successful formation, this may not necessarily be the case in light of the desire for a communitarian collective that takes in the contributions of a community and utilizes the skills and enthusiasms of each contributor.  Ideally, this will be an initiative directed with hopeful and creative collective views in mind and action.

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