Fevered Brain Podcast #2

What was once buried and lost has been found and reassembled. Thank the Universe for playlist is all I’m going to say, so assembling this is the physical realm only took a few minutes.  While only twelve tracks, this one clocks in at almost 48 minutes. Assembled about three or more years ago and buried but not forgotten betwixt moves, graduate schools (with another on the horizon in about a year or so), and at least one or two computer purchases and moves. It’s a miracle this still exists. Given my erratic schedule, I want to streamline these occasional, but hopefully more regular, shows better than previously to get out all of this wonderful music that has been piling up. To facilitate that, for the moment, I will be creating each one without a voiceover track from yours truly. Instead, You’ll get the mix as a regular podcast as well as the usual capsule reviews of each artist and any other details that might be pertinent, like a theme or a mood. This time, I don’t believe either of those are present. Read More

Claire EP by Ella Woolsey

I must make a big deal out of this because it is unlike much of the pedestrian pabulum that main-stream commercial radio forces us to listen to on a daily basis from which I joyfully rebel. Additionally, because her bio made a point of highlighting it, she is only 17 years old. What is remarkable here is that most of the kids in my classroom aren’t listening to anything this original and probably with one or two exceptions, probably wouldn’t be able to or even want to consider making anything so beautiful. Read More

Song of Sorrow by Rx27

Joie Blaney has retired his former project, Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend. While occasionally enlisting a few additional players to round out his sound, it was primarily an extremely powerful one-man-band. Moving to Los Angeles about ten years ago more or less, Joie fought like hell to thrive as we all do in a new place and he has done very well for himself, establishing and exercising his musical chops like I always expected him to do when I first encountered his musical cyclone in New York City. Read More

The Lutras “Give It All Up for Christmas”

I seem to be lucky with the Christmas music this year, and that makes me just a little rebelliously happy when I turn the stereo up to maximum as I write and make attempts at dancing alone at a desk. It’s probably also really hard to screw up a Scots indie rock anthem over the holidays, and the Lutras are here, they don’t disappoint, and neither do their other tracks. Read More