An Undeveloped Opportunity: Initiating a Community Arts and Music Collective in Columbus, GA


Columbus, Georgia is a city of abundant opportunities for the future and a city with a profusion of missed opportunities in the past.  While this is obviously the case with economic and career options, exploring the city also reveals few opportunities for artistic self-expression for anyone.  There are occasions to view traveling artistic culture in the form of regional and national musical acts and some live theatre.  There are even a handful of galleries displaying safe flower and landscape portraits. But there are no artistic outlets to encourage more alternative and radical self- expression that doesn’t fit into the mainstream, whether fine arts, crafts, or even alternative music outside of the classical musical center at the local public schools and university or the for-profit chain music stores and schools.  There are also no community organizations focusing on alternative arts and music.  Such an initiative should focus on the community that is not served by that mainstream.  It would serve political minorities and youth interested in artistic and musical self-expression that no outlet other than the above, offers.  That isn’t enough. 

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