Nèro Scartch
Piece of My Life
Deska Records, Indies Scope Distribution, 2015

Here we venture into musical territory that I need to explore more with a project influenced by Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy, so this review will be a challenge, but I like challenges and never run from them, though they may slow me down once in a while like this one does. This one’s a puzzle though because of my lack of exposure to more from this genre.

The melodies are far from your standard schmaltzy pop fare; they struggle with varied themes of pain and suffering, and the melodies scream for attention, as in, “Saint,” while “Ghost” conveys a hollow imagery of a spirit from beyond, attempting to interact but unable to communicate or touch someone while the melody is one of resigned but mildly frustrated anger, and “Time” contrary to the previous tracks, describes a relationship of peace and solitude that conveys a melodic solitude away from a loved one far away but close enough to feel.

So, yea, this review was a little more difficult.  Perhaps you should listen for yourself and make your own decision and add your review of the album below?

7 March 2016

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