While this is one of two shows that dates from a 2011 production date, neither was posted for anyone to play.  I didn’t want to waste them since there is a lot of good music here that was submitted to the show way back then by old friends and new friends.  So without further ado until I can create new shows for you all, enjoy these.  And, thanks for your patience and apologies for all of those test podcast posts.  All the kinks should be worked out regarding the podcasts.  If you would like to submit your music or want to suggest an artist that we should know about, please get in touch.

You’ll hear:

  1. Diane Cluck, Love Me If Ye Do from Countless Times
  2. Kirsten DeHaan, The Night Shift from Thorns On A Crown
  3. Arms Of Kismet,         The Game from Play For Affection
  4. Parks, September.Koivisto from Hidden
  5. King Orba, Shoes from Dressed To The 9’s
  6. The Hit & Mrs., Sultry Lips from Ashes Of Bridges   
  7. Dave Desmelik, Would You Have Me?     Onlooker
  8. Moomaw, Put A Record On from Animalia
  9. Misterlee, Bottle Up from This Disquiet Dog
  10. Gilbert Hetherwick, Wake Up Now from Time To Fly

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