There are probably more than a few classic songs that take us through the history of popular music, the template for the whole thing being Don McLean’s American Pie, notwithstanding. They all bring a smile to my very being, and they almost always make me sing. Gabrielle Metz’ latest, “I Am a Mixtape,” is in a similar vein and pays homage to rock ‘n’ roll, soul, and country, a testament to her family’s influences and her environment. It’s also confirmation to the fact that Metz, while pursuing her musical journey in Nashville, also wears her influences on her sleeve. This track also serves as a reminder that I owe a friend an overdue music mix, and I owe y’all another music podcast as soon as possible. Take a gander at Metz’ website, and you’ll even see my favorite Skynyrd album in the background. Oh, and if you are in Houston, TX on the 11th of March, she’s playing the Houston Rodeo. If you go, tell her I said hey.

RadioMike, 29 January 2023

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