I seem to be lucky with the Christmas music this year, and that makes me just a little rebelliously happy when I turn the stereo up to maximum as I write and make attempts at dancing alone at a desk. It’s probably also really hard to screw up a Scots indie rock anthem over the holidays, and the Lutras are here, they don’t disappoint, and neither do their other tracks I found on Soundcloud if you all want to do a deeper dive.

The Lutras are label-less and budget-less for the moment according to an article I found via the University of the West of Scotland school newspaper. And in spite of that or because of it, they decided to create this little gem to raise monies for the UK’s https://www.shelter.org.uk/ (raising monies to reduce houselessness) and https://www.musicvenuetrust.com (raising monies so those music venues we all know and love don’t become an endangered species), both noble causes from the looks of it.

I wish the boys from Dumfries much success with this track, with their endeavors in the new year, and hopefully we’ll hear more from them in short order. On another note, I must tell you all that I haven’t written any reviews or created any shows in so long. I am ecstatically happy to be doing this again. I’ve missed every last one of you. Please stay tuned for more.

The Fevered Brain, 22 December 2020

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