I receive a whole lot of Holiday music from November and for several weeks after. I am always on the lookout for something special, something with an undefinable edge that is almost impossible to describe for anyone to understand what I know and hear in my heart and soul when I listen to any music. Most of the submissions I receive are mediocre at best, despite my intense wishes to the Universe to not disappoint me. A lot of what is flowing through my fingers as I write, I wanted to write to Metz herself.  Mostly, I just wanted to say, WOW. She has written over 150 songs since arriving in Nashville a few years ago. I was not able to find a Bandcamp or a Soundcloud with a whole collection of songs. I have one other song, Thin Ice, that she sent me, but that will wait for another mini-show I can hopefully put together in the near future. Instead we have this nice little Youtube video embedded above with her Christmas offering. 

As some say in this music thing that we all love so much, Metz is going places. For the Fevered Brain, she has that extra edge I mentioned earlier, and her voice might even warm the hardest of hearts that swears they’ll never listen to country music ever. Now would be a good time to reconsider that bad habit when I fully expect to hear a lot more from Metz in the near future.

The Fevered Brain, 22 December 2020

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