This interview was a surprise to me when I took a secret trip up to New York City about a year ago to visit friends and see a band working out in a practice space. I did see the band, In The Next Life, practice until the wee hours of the morning and got very little sleep on what is a stereotypical trip to NYC by any first timer, but I used to be a resident and this was my first time back since I left the big town in 2004. The interview lasted about an hour in the basement of their practice space, so the audio isn’t perfect. For those of you watching out for adult language, what the cool kids refer to as F-bombs and other forms of colourful language are peppered throughout. I edited the beginning and ending only and left off the standard intro due to the impromptu nature of this interview. Enjoy, and tell all your friends how to find us.

NB: Check out a review of their recently remastered album in the Radio Casbah Review section.

RadioMike, 12 January 2021

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