About a decade ago, fudging here and there for artistic license, I played tracks from an earlier album of Raf Rouco’s. A few months ago, his manager reached out to me via my academic website and mentioned that Rouco had released a new album in 2019. Listening to the old tracks I was intrigued again and began listening to the new album. As you listen and watch the interview, you will learn that Rouco is influenced by early 1970’s pop, and also has an appreciation for some occasional funk. If you listen carefully, you might hear both on the new tracks that are more continuation and homage than cheese. If you look carefully, you might see RadioMike being rather melodramatic with his hands.

NB: This is Radio Casbah’s first video and first Zoom interview. Stay tuned for more. As opportunities arise, interviews will be recorded and posted in either this format or another. Let us know your preferences and we’ll see what we can do.

RadioMike, 12 January 2021

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