The preliminary building of the new is complete. I’ve been waiting to post this for months, perhaps longer. This is a project that I have mentioned to many of you that I began in June 2001 that has gone through many incarnations, evolutions, and name changes and one too-long hiatus, is finally back and online.  I had hoped to finish this weeks ago after finishing my last school paper for the semester but there were several aspects of this website building business that kicked me in the ass and slowed down its progress.  However, it’s finally finished. Some of the below I have posted at the site but I wanted to give you all a little more information so you know what’s behind my seemingly lofty dreams since I have done this a few times before. 

This is an offer and an invite to contribute to with full credit, whether it is album reviews, live music reviews or local scene reports, philosophical analysis.  At its height, the website was a collaborative effort and never the work of just one person. The key here is on variety, inclusion and intersectionality which is what has always motivated me. While I have to restrict the shows that are posted to local and independent artists that will provide us with permission to play their music, you are free to do whatever else you want, provided you harm no one in your musical creations.  I am open to ideas regarding contributions from any and everyone.

Radio Casbah will always be recruiting hosts, interns, and other creative contributors wherever you are. If you are passionate about philosophical inquiry, feminism, community development, local music, and/or creative writing, want to create music mixes, write or use social media to promote your ideas and/or local bands you are passionate about, I’d love to talk with you to discuss your vision.

I’m interested in creating a music, arts, and philosophy initiative online like the one I seemed to have found locally in Columbus, GA though the one in Columbus needs a base and an initiative that I wrote about in my last paper.  I’ll start to create new shows as soon as possible, and I look forward to what you could bring to the site.  Please look it over, send me criticisms, ideas, and contributions and let’s please discuss and move on this soon. 

The Fevered Brain

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